Africa Finance and Economic Data

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We have partnered with African Financial & Economic Data (AFED) – a provider of  definitive financial and economic intelligence on Africa.

They have recently launched a revolutionary new version of their data service. In this new version, you take control of the data. All data is updated daily and is available under 3 packages:

  • Country Profile
  • Sector Focus
  • Data Hub

To celebrate this, they are granting complete access to the database, comprising circa 26 million records, on 1 month trial basis. During this time, you will not be able to download.

By accessing their database, you will be able to do the following:

  • Access unparalleled reference source of all 54 African economies
  • Empower your search with over 50,000 indicators
  • Display your data visually, using the charting functionality
  • Analyse data always accredited and reported as published by the source

To get a one month free trial, contact  Put RF in the subject matter box. [you could even create an email which would go to, re: AFED-RF. Please sign me up for a free trail to AFED. My phone is ______________ and company is _______________]

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