Greece: Extension of deadlines for tax payment, levies, fees

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The Financial Secretary, Katerina Papanatsiou, signed and made a decision to extend the deadlines for submission of tax returns and payment of taxes, levies, fees and the extension and suspension of payment confirmed debt due to strong earthquakes occurred in Lesvos on 12/06/2017.

The deadline for payment of withholding income tax, inheritance tax, gifts, parental benefits and real estate transfer, stamp duty and other taxes (other than VAT laid down by special decision of the Principle of authorization Governor) is to be extended until 29th of September 2017. This deadline applies for both individual and legal entities.

Another deadline is set on 12th of December 2017 for payment of the amounts established in the tax / auditing debts Centers of individuals and legal persons and entities whose principal residence or principal place (seat) in the municipal units of the Municipality of Lesvos North Aegean Region.

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