Morocco: Finance Law 2017 gazetted

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The Government of Morocco published the Finance Law 2017 on 12th of June 2017 in the official gazette. The law provides an anti-avoidance rule, a tax relief in case of dividends, interest, and rental income for real estate collective investment undertakings under some conditions, A 3 years VAT postponement for the acquisition of equipment developed for investment projects of at least MAD 100 million according to an investment agreement with the government for both new and remaining corporations, a tax relief extends for five years for profits resulting from export operations to indirect exporters conditioning that exporters do not stayed inside the free zones. Additionally, the conditions for tax exemption in case of rental income are: the only activity of the undertaking is the lease of immovable features used for professional purposes, no less than 85% of the annual rental profits are distributed and the assets added to the undertaking are measured by a certified contributions assessor and kept for at least 10 years. The Finance law 2017 applies from 1st January 2017 and it is available in French language.

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