Italy-Ministerial Decree implementing Country-by-Country Reporting issued

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The Italian Ministry of Finance issued a Decree on 8 March 2017 providing detailed information regarding the application of CbC reporting rules. The Decree is in accordance with an EU Directive of 25 May 2016 requiring all EU Member States to implement a CbCR obligation in their national legislation in accordance with the recommendations of the OECD BEPS Action 13.

According to the Decree, all Italian tax resident entities that are Ultimate Parent Entities (UPEs) of an MNE group with annual consolidated group revenue equal to or exceeding €750 million will need to prepare a CbC report. Alternatively, if the UPE is not resident in Italy, and not obligated to file a CbC report in its country of residence, or although obligated to file CbC report there is no exchange of information instrument in place with Italy or there is a systemic failure of the jurisdiction of tax residence of the UPE, any other entity of the group that is resident in Italy would have to prepare the CbC report.

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