Argentina: DJAS and DAPE systems eliminated

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The General Resolution No. 4008-E was published on 6th March 2017 in the Argentine Official Gazette. According to that resolution, Argentina has abolished the Early Declaration System for Services (DJAS) and the Early Declaration for Payments Abroad (DAPE). Submitting via this process applied to be a condition for accessing the official foreign exchange market to transfer funds abroad for certain transactions. The elimination denotes a more step in simplification of the systems regarding foreign exchange market. The DJAS filings, which was in force since 2012, were needed to report services provided by non-residents to residents. The information contains detailed and included the type of service incorporated, the amount charged and the bank account to which the funds will be transferred. The DAPE filings, in force since 2013, were required for payments to be made abroad regarding the following transactions: (a) the purchase of goods not imported into the country and traded to another country; (b) the interest payment; (c) the dividends payment and profits; and (d) imports through courier or certain simplified process.

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