Argentina: Special tax regime for small entrepreneurs

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Law 27,346 published in the Official Gazette of 31st December 2016 amends the special tax regime for small entrepreneurs and professionals. The special regime is open to individuals, work cooperatives and de facto companies along with up to three partners. The regime applies to entities that engage in primary activities such as trade of goods and rendering of services (including professional services) that do not exceed ARS 700,000. Those selling tangible goods may be included in the special tax regime if they have annual revenues of up to ARS 1,050,000, provided that they do not have more than three employees. Taxpayers are included in 11 subcategories on the basis of revenue, the extent of the area dedicated to the business (e.g. a shop or warehouse), electricity consumption and annual rent paid for the premises used for the business, whose parameters are updated regularly. For each subcategory, a fixed monthly tax is established. Under an amendment to article 11 of the Annex to Law 24,977, the fixed monthly tax is established for each category and ranges from ARS 68 for category A to a maximum of ARS 4,725 for category K. The amendments are effective from January 2017.

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